Custom furniture

Clement Cypress specializes in custom handmade furniture made from high grade sinker cypress. We make tables, chairs, bookshelves, doors, windows, and much more at your request. Contact us for more information.

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Custom Millwork

For clients wanting a higher grade product we offer custom milled moldings and trim. All millwork is done on a per order basis. Contact us for more information.

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Rough cut and finish grade lumber

Looking for a single piece or a few pieces of fine lumber? Clement Cypress offers rough cut and finish grade Cypress. No matter if you're looking for a perfect grain, or something with more character such as wormwood, Clement Cypress can accommodate orders of any size. If we do not have it in stock, we will get it. Contact us for more information.

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Clement Cypress handles all aspects of production from start to finish. We hand select old growth cypress from the bayous and canals of Southern Louisiana that have fallen years ago. The logs are muscled out of the swamp and brought back to our facility to cure. The curing process can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years depending on the size of the log. Once dry, the lumber is milled down to usable sizes and organized for use or sale. From start to finish all work is done by Clement Cypress in an effort to bring you the finest sinker cypress products.

For Inquires

For more information on all of our custom handmade or lumber products contact us. No job too big or small.